Sometimes I want to write these long-winded posts on gifsets like these, but really, I think they speak for themselves~

I sure do love character development.. Oh dean baby, you’ve grown so much.
And it’s Castiel that’s changed you too.

There’s something very moving about a man of no faith believing in one angel enough to pray to him every night.

And the subtle difference between “every day” and “every night”? They seem so similar, but “every day” doesn’t carry even half the emotional intimacy that “every night” does. One is routine, the other is devotion.

I was getting bored so I started thinking about this in my bed earlier. And I almost bursted out laughing. Because of course the writers could have made Dean say “every day”, and that would have sounded more like an annoyed Dean praying every single day to Cas (exactly, like routine) because practically speaking he needs his help with all those “gorilla wolves” or whatever. It’s not something that sounds so incredibly personal and intimate. But nope. Dean prayed to him, every night.

This post is basically all anyone ever needs to read if they want to learn to write romance. 

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cas would look cute in that blue dress alice wore in the disney alice in wonderland. 

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Dean Winchester being pretty in 9.06 Heaven Can’t Wait.

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the number of people trying to defend their internalized misogyny on this post is absolutely ridiculous

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“The shattering of a heart when being broken is the loudest quiet ever.”

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
You're one of my favourite people to discuss speculation with! I can't help but think how Dean will feel once he's cured from Demon!Dean. If he'll remember all the things he did and feel guilty about touching the stripper without her consent or attacking/provoking Sammy. If he does, maybe Sam would try to comfort him, saying, 'Dean, it wasn't you. It's over. It's okay.' Dean would look so uncertain and lost, and /worried/ (because Jensen plays all of that so magnificently) and just HELP.
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Hey there, Anon. That’s really awesome of you to say. Thank you!

You raise a lot of interesting questions in regard to Dean’s state of mind post-demonic experience. I suppose my perspective on the entire situation is that Dean’s journey, from death to demon to hero, is about discovering who he is. This is the first opportunity that Dean has ever gotten in his life for a clean slate - a second chance that isn’t preordained by God or angels.

Demon!Dean has convinced himself that he’s living the dream life that Dean wished he could’ve had in his absolute lowest moments - getting cheap thrills from bar fights, a different chick in his bed every night, a 90% subsistence level on alcohol. Demon!Dean believes that is his perfect life because he doesn’t give a fuck. That’s the life that Dean wanted when he just wished he couldn’t give a fuck about anything anymore, least of all about himself.

When Dean either learns to live with the demon inside or is cured of it, I don’t believe that his journey is going to be about feeling regret for all the things that he did. If he comes out of this wrought with the guilt for his transgressions, his agony for the people he has hurt - he’ll just be back to where he’s always been - a lost, broken man holding on the threads of existence. Dean’s entire life was his suffering before this. And he just can’t go back to that. In order for Dean to truly learn to be a hero, for him to save himself for once, he’s going to have to learn to let go - to let go of his past, to let go of what he’s done, and to let go of his brother. That’s the only way he moves on.


some au ideas for your otp:

  • au where one rescues the other from a terrible place, like hell or purgatory
  • au where one of them convinces the other to give up everything they’ve ever known for the sake of humanity
  • au where one pledges to help the other lose their…

I don’t know what I expected

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5x15 | 9x06

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